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Living Trusts for Those who shouldn't have to pay full price.

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Complete Living Trust Bundle

Revocable Living Trust
Powers of Attorney
Advance Health Care Directives
Last Wills and Testaments
HIPAA Authorization

General Assignment
Certification of Trust
Assignment of Personal Property
Marital Property Agreement
One Quitclaim Deed

$795 Flat Fee

A Process as Easy as 1-2-3


INFORMATION GATHERING DISCUSSION. No intake forms for you to fill out! We set up a time to discuss your estate planning decisions. You are NOT asked to provide contact information or information about your assets. (And we'll send you a list of questions ahead of time.) 


REVIEW OF THE FIRST DRAFT. It takes only about a week to produce a first draft of the entire living trust bundle for your review. We send it to you with a concise 2-page summary and a 5 minute video going over the structure and format of your plan. 


FINAL REVIEW AND SIGNING. Once we get your approval of the draft, we print out your final documents, assemble them into a 3-ring binder and send them to you for your final review and signing. We provide support throughout the signing and notarization process. 

Proven Client Satisfaction

Serving Clients Remotely
Throughout California

A "Virtual Law Firm"
We believe in affordability and efficiency through the use of technology. Working remotely with together results in lower costs (and fees for you) and increased client satisfaction.

Personal Attention
Use of technology has allowed us to automated many of the mundane administrative processes, thus freeing up time, attention, and resources to focus on each individual client.

Expedited Turnaround
We produce a first draft of your entire plan within a week. Once approved by you, a hard copy is immediately printed, assembled into a 3-ring binder, and sent to you for your final review and signing.

Constant Communication
Our efficient and client-focused process includes both automated and human elements ensuring that we are in constant communication. And a human is always just a phone call or email away.

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